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Title: its exactly what it looks like.
Artist: chenyakumo.tumblr.com
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Title: My Songs Know What You Did in Gravity Falls
Artist: Psycosis
Album: Gravity Falls Out Boy


please stop being cute it makes my heart sad because i can’t nap with you

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Title: Doin' It Right In The Trap
Artist: Nicki Minaj vs Daft Punk


I only ever intended to do simple coloring on this to mess around, and yet I feel very unhappy anyways… I don’t know what I was expecting. I don’t like the results when I try digital ‘techniques’ yet I’m not sure I like the results when i color traditionally either.  I guess you could say mainly it was a color experiment to combine autumn and purple.

Aside from that, Yukari is preparing for a long winter sleep.

color in Paint Tool SAI


Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: Tequatl the Sunless

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Title: kanye roll

"Rat Queens! Put the sexy back in large wholesale slaughter!"



take a screenshot of your desktop
don’t change anything
don’t delete anything
tag 5 people

well now everybody knows that i dont have the enegy to save things to a folder anymore


uhhh candycorntoes piltoversenforcer xiunplane spookyblissey gentleshark lets see those desktops

i save everything on my desktop so i can find whatever i save right away i swear

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[ [ [ [   gay screaming   ] ] ] ]


Hi! Yes! Hello, thank you for breakfast but you seem to have forgotten my… There are vegetables but… Hello! MA’AM?! MA’AM!

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Title: Oblivion (Grimes cover)
Artist: Steven Arthur


*clicks on someones theme, they have a tiny fucking cursor*

what the fuck *wiggles tiny baby cursor around* what


Two happy pom puppies wiggling around a human hand.


Two happy pom puppies wiggling around a human hand.


this isn’t the dog park

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